On various occasions God spoke to us about the publication of a Christian newspaper. The saying "One drop of ink makes thousands, perhaps, millions think", kept repeating itself in our hearts and we realised that the written word is able to touch the lives of thousands of people. Even those who may not always be reached by ministers or spiritual leaders in the comfort of their own homes. The written word, if worthwhile, does not generally make an appeal on a person's attention for only a fleeting second but may be read over and over again if interesting or gripping enough.

After seventeen years in full-time ministry we both suffered from "burn-out". Not one of us were able to cope with a full-time vocation and we tried in various ways to "keep the kettle boiling!" Thus we never thought it possible to start such a project - also due to the fact that we had no "nest egg" of any kind.

On November 7, 1996 the Lord challenged us to "walk on the water" (Matthew 14:28-32). We prayed and fasted and even shared our vision with other believers, but nothing seemed to happen. On March 7, 1998 however, we experienced a breakthrough! A dear child of God heard God's voice and bought us the necessary computer equipment to the value of R12 000!

Soon after, two other persons gave us R5 000 in obedience to the call of God, and we were able to buy some more soft ware. Yet another R4 000 enabled us to give birth to the very first edition of Goeie Nuus/Good News during April 1998!

It became our full-time endeavour and ministry to proclaim the good news of Jesus Christ. We started by printing and distributing 10 000 copies free of charge in Potchefstroom, North West (from home-to-home). We earnestly prayed that God would use the articles and testimonies to His glory and to the upliftment of His children and that unsaved people might come to Him through the good news we shared!

A year later our circulation increased to 22 000 when the Lord incited us to also include Klerksdorp in our outreach endeavour. Stilfontein and Hartbeesfontein followed suit and we distributed 27 000 copies monthly since May 2000.

On June 5, 2001 we also included Orkney on our list of towns being reached with the good news of Jesus Christ. Since then we have been distributing 31 000 papers monthly from home-to-home free of charge.

Further expansion followed: Parys (2004), Ottosdal, Tosca and Ventersdorp (2005), the Molopo Region (2006), Delareyville (2007), and Fochville (January 2009). "Small beginnings" grew from 1 town (10 000 papers p.m.) during 1998 to 12 towns (40 000 papers p.m.) in 2009. To date nearly 7 300 000 free copies have been distributed. What is most important, however, is that during the past 12 years so many people's lives have been changed forever!

Just as Paul had a nocturnal vision of a Macedonian man who begged him, saying, “Come over to Macedonia and help us!” (Acts 16:9), new voices are frequently calling out to us: “Please distribute the Good News in our town also!” Our beloved God and Father heard and heeded these calls, and encouraged two precious Christians to help us in sponsoring the monthly distribution of the Good News in Wolmaransstad, Schweizer-Reneke, Koster, Derby, Viljoenskroon, Vredefort, Sannieshof and Biesiesvlei – EIGHT additional towns! Thus, we are ministering to 25 towns, distributing 50 000 newspapers per month. To date, more than 8 600 000 newspapers have been distributed free of charge! But ABOVE ALL, people’s lives have been touched and irrevocably changed during the past 21 years!

May 2019 marked an incredible milestone in the existence of Goeie Nuus/Good News! It was the newspaper’s 21st birthday. The Lord has blessed us with 21 wondrous years and helped us increase the number of copies we distribute monthly to 50 000, adding another 5 towns to our distribution area! Die towns that are now ministered to are Potchefstroom, Klerksdorp, Orkney, Stilfontein, Hartbeesfontein, Parys, Tosca, Ventersdorp, Ottosdal, Molopo, Delareyville, Fochville, Wolmaransstad, Scheweizer-Reneke, Koster, Derby, Sannieshof, Biesiesvlei, Viljoenskroon, Vredefort, Lichtenburg, Coligny, Leeudoringstad, Vierfontein and Makwassie. This means that the Goeie Nuus/Good News now reaches nearly 200 000 readers with the Eternal Gospel of Jesus Christ!

Goeie Nuus/Good News is a non-profitable, independent Family Ministry not being funded or overseen by any specific Church Denomination or Assembly. We endeavour to serve all true believers irrespective of Church affiliation and we try to reach people of all walks of life who has not already accepted Jesus Christ as personal Saviour with the Gospel.

We are able to print and distribute this paper free of charge because we enjoy the support of our advertisers and cheerful givers who heed the Voice of God. We truly believe that He will bless them in abundance because they enable us to promote His Word to approximately 200 000 readers! It still often happens that we have to "walk on the water" but we rejoice in the Lord Who is faithful and carries us through time and time again! We can truly testify of His goodness and mercy. Those people who know us well enough, will really agree with us wholeheartedly in saying: Truly, no man could have done this without the grace and help of GOD!

"Come, let us sing for joy to the LORD; let us shout aloud to the Rock of our salvation. Let us come before Him with thanksgiving and extol Him with music and song. For the LORD is the great God, the great King above all gods. Come, let us bow down in worship, let us kneel before the LORD our Maker." (Psalm 95:1-3,6 NIV). Be co-workers in God's Kingdom by becoming involved in this Ministry.

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- Publishers

Reviewed: October 2019


We believe in:

  • God the Father, the Almighty, Creator of heaven and earth.
  • Jesus Christ, the only begotten Son of God; the only Way to the Father and to salvation. He died for all, and by believing in Him and accepting Him as Personal Saviour we become children of God through regeneration.
  • the Holy Spirit and His gifts through which He equips the saints to render service on earth.
  • the Bible as the inspired and unfailing Word of God which is given to us as guideline for our lives.
  • the resurrection of the flesh, eternal judgment and eternal life where all the saints of God will live with Him through all eternity.
- Editorial Staff Goeie Nuus/Good News


Loading a book could take up to 2 minutes depending on the speed of your Internet connection.
The editions are multilingual, so if you could only understand English just turn the pages to the English articles.


Loading a book could take up to 2 minutes depending on the speed of your Internet connection.

The editions are multilingual, so if you could only understand English just turn the pages to the English articles.


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50 000 copies of the "Goeie Nuus/Good News" newspaper is printed and distributed to more than 30 towns/cities in the North West Province of South Africa. If you would like to advertise please contact us.


A printed copy of the "Goeie Nuus/Good News" is distributed free of charge to more than 30 towns/cities. We receive feedback from people whose lives are changed after reading Good News, for eg. someone that wanted to commit family murder, another who contemplated suicide and others who were dejected but were encouraged after reading articles in the Good News. We also launched a project where we envision to distribute evangelistic booklets (in Afrikaans, English and Setswana) free of charge to reach people with the Gospel. You could support this specific project by using the reference "evangelistic booklets". You could also contact us if you would like to buy booklets at cost price to distribute yourself.

Be co-workers in God's Kingdom
by becoming involved in this Ministry.

Banking Details:
BRANCH CODE: 171-338


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May God bless you!


Potchefstroom, SA
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