SUDAN - "The second intake included pastors from four more provinces and some dangerous borders had to be crossed. There were pastors from at least six different denominations and they also came from different tribes that were often traditional enemies. Spiritually and culturally the potential for divisions and strife was big. But God's love in their hearts proved to be greater in these first weeks together.
On the above-mentioned Sunday morning, one week after the official opening of the Bible School, a student representative of every region received a chance to say a few words. When his turn came, a young man from the Upper Nile came forward. He then said: 'You all know about the hostilities between the Dinkas and Nuers (different tribes in Sudan); how many people have been killed in the fights between them and how much hatred there exists. Today, however, we are united here because of what Jesus Christ has done in our lives!' He then asked the Nuer pastors who stood next to him to go to the Dinka pastors and to hug them. This sign of reconciliation and love brought forth a spontaneous burst of singing from the Dinka. Everybody rejoiced together with them!"

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