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Today, many people are living aimlessly, without a purpose. Others are living for a temporary goal, and only few are fulfilling their eternal destiny in God. We find ourselves stuck in the same routine weíve been living in for years.
Our main purpose in life should be to follow Godís will. Acts 17 says that God has given life to all people and made all things. He appointed the times and places for manís habitation. He also ordained that men should seek Him with all of their hearts!
In the same passage, however, it says that God has no need for anything because He has made all things.
So, does God need you to go to church? Does He need your money? Do you think you do Him a favour by doing these things and not realising He wants you to seek Him, not just coming to church once a week?
What is the first thought that passes through your mind when you wake up in the morning? How desperate are you for Him and His presence? Or is attending a church service once a week satisfying enough for you?
Consider the example of the eagle: it always needs the element of surprise to catch its prey. When its feathers grow old and it dives upon its prey, the wind whistles through the feathers causing the prey to be alerted, thus succeeding to escape.
The eagle then flies to a high mountain where it proceeds to pluck out its old feathers and awaits the growth of the new feathers.
It is time for the Church to pluck out old feathers of mediocrity and compromise and allow the new feathers of commitment and a desperate hunger for God to grow.
It is time to seek Him until we find Him! Let us be like Jacob who did not let Him go, like the blind man who cried out aloud until he was heard, and like the woman who stretched out to touch the hem of His garment. Stop being satisfied being lukewarm and get serious with God!

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