KING of kings
  MOTORCADES herald the approach of heads of state. Pomp and ceremony are symbols of their position and importance. Whether they are leaders by birth or election, we honour and respect them. The Jews waited for a leader who had been promised centuries before by inspired prophets. They believed that this leader - the Messiah ("anointed one") - would rescue them from their Roman oppressors and establish a new kingdom. As their king, he would rule the world with justice.
However, many Jews overlooked prophecies which also spoke of this king as a suffering servant who would be rejected and killed. It is no wonder then, that few recognized JESUS as the Messiah. How could this humble teacher from Nazareth be their king? But Jesus was and is the King of all the earth!
Through the Holy Scriptures, Jesus is revealed as King of kings! His miraculous birth, His life and teachings, His miracles, and His triumph over death show his true identity.
Jesus cannot be compared to any other person or power. He is the supreme Ruler of time and eternity, heaven and earth, men and angels.
Because Jesus was sent by God, we can trust Him with our lives. It is worth everything we have to recognize Him and give ourselves to Him because He came to be our Messiah, our Saviour! We should give Him his rightful place as King of our lives. Celebrate His victory over evil and death, and make Jesus the Lord of your life today!

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