This is the tale of three tall trees
Which, side by side, grew in a glen.
Regally tossing in the breeze
Each one praying to God who sees -
To God who can alone impart
The inmost dreams of every heart.

Said Number One to God on high:
"Lord, at the time when I am felled,
May my tall timbers ever stand
In a palace vast and grand?"
Thus prayed the largest of the three
In tones that rang exultantly.

"Not me, oh Lord," begged Number Two,
"I can't be rooted to one spot!
Grant that the palace I'll out-do
I'll see the world - may this be true -
As trireme I shall sail the seas,
My sails billowing in the breeze!"

"Ah, Lord," prayed Number Three to God,
"Hear now my humble plea to Thee:
May I stay rooted in this spot
Forever pointing up to God,
To prompt all passers-by to praise
Our God on High - the Lord of Grace."

"Surely I'll grant you your request,"
Said God the Father in the sky,
"But only as I think it best
Can I fulfill your heart's behest.
Yet, in the end, none will deny -
My will was best, My goals were high!"

A woodsman's axe bit deep one day
Into the trunk of Number One.
"Farewell, my friends, for here I go -
forever sheltered from the snow;
No more sun, rain and wind for me,
A palace grand I now shall be."

To his utter consternation,
Of his wood they built a stable,
Still, this was not from God's neglect,
Indeed, it had the best effect...
There in a manger, He was born -
A Babe to rescue man forlorn.

A score more years went by, and then
The woodsman chose tree Number Two,
And soon there rang out in the glen
The sound of his great axe again;
Yet that poor tree was now to be
A fisher's boat on Galilee.

A decade passed, then from its deck -
Turned pulpit on that inland sea -
A tall young man preached liberty
And having life abundantly!
God's love for man He did relate -
Who there could have foreseen His fate?

Again the woodsman's axe rang out –
Tree Number Three came crashing down.
Soon, soon the crowd was heard to shout,
"Let's crucify that evil lout!"
And so they nailed to Number Three
The Prince of Peace and Liberty.

And ever since that fateful day,
That cross has pointed men to God;
Yes, even unto Judgment Day
'T will proudly boost God's protégé.
Thus God did grant each tree's request
Far fuller than they'd ever guessed.

Trevor P. Mac Donald
Tel: (018) 290 6547 or 082 373 8889
31 October 2002

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