A terrible blizzard was raging over the eastern part of the United States, making more and more difficult the progress of a train that was slowly facing its way along.
Among the passengers was a woman with a child, who was much concerned lest she should not get off at the right station.
A gentleman, seeing her anxiety, said: "Do not worry. I know the road well, and I will tell you when you come to your station."
In due course the train stopped at the station before the one at which the woman wanted to get off.
"The next station will be yours, ma'am," said the gentleman. Then they went on, and in a few minutes the train stopped again.
"Now is your time, ma'am; get out quickly," he said.
The woman took her child, and thanking the man, left the train. At the next stop, the conductor called out the name of the station where the woman had wished to get off.
"You have already stopped at this station," called the man to the conductor.
"No, sir," he replied, "something was wrong with the engine, and we stopped for a few moments for investigation!"
"Oh no!" cried the passenger. "I let that woman get down in the storm when the train stopped between stations!"
Afterwards, they found her with her child in her arms. Both were frozen to death! It was the terrible and tragic consequence of the wrong direction being given!
Still more terrible are the results of misdirecting souls on their way to eternity!
- Billy Sunday
[Knight’s Master Book of new Illustrations]

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