Today most people have a wrong perception about what Church is. To some people it is a building, or a service consisting of four praise and four worship songs, an offering and a good sermon. But is that really Church?
Acts 8:1 says that Paul was persecuting the Church (Ecclesia). This defines the Church as God’s people, His Ecclesia, or “called out ones”. Peter 2:5 says that we are “living stones built into a spiritual house”.
The primary purpose of the Ta-bernacle of Moses was that God could dwell among His people. He wanted to manifest Himself and be evident in a real and tangible way. God wants to come back into His House! How is He going to build His House? Through each believer who is a living stone. Romans 12:1 says that we must offer up ourselves as a living sacrifice. No one can approach God without a sacrifice. Every time a person came to God in the Old Testament, they had to bring a sacrifice. In the New Testament we are told that our lives need to be that sacrifice. Have you offered up your life as a living sacrifice?
In Ex. 4:2 God asks Moses what he had in his hand. Every time God wanted to perform a miracle through Moses, He used the rod in Moses’ hand! God never asks us to give something we don’t have! What do you have in your hand? A little boy had five loaves and two fishes which God used to feed 5 000 people! Peter and John did not have alms to give but rather a miracle to the lame man. Surely we each have something that God can use to build His Church with. We all have a mouth that can testify and praise Him. What about spiritual gifts? We each have to bring something for the edification of God’s people (1 Cor. 14:26 ). May God help us to offer up our lives as a living sa-crifice so that He can build His Church with living stones!

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