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y  name  is  Arnold  Kan-    Zimbabwe, where I was working in      he then dropped us at Musina.
                  diwa.  I  came  to  South    a butchery at the time. Things got
          MAfrica  in  2009.  I  left  worse in that country, and I lost             I was not a Christian at that time. A
                                               my  job.  My  brother  was  already   woman was selling 'pap'. I asked
                                               living in South Africa, so I decided   her for something to eat. Another
                                               to  come  to  South  Africa,  since   man gave us cigarettes to sell so
                                               there was no work in Zimbabwe.        that  we  could  survive.  The
                                                                                     packets  of  cigarettes  were  soon
                                               I  arrived  at  Beitbridge  Border    finished  and  our  money  also.  I
                                               Station. I paid money to cross the    soon  met  another  man  who
                                               border.  However,  people  were       attended  a  high  school  in
                                               dishonest. They took my money,        Zimbabwe near the place where I
                                               but then cut my trousers and held     had worked. Being desperate and
                                               me back so that I could not reach     hopeless, we started drinking…
                                               South  Africa.  Fortunately,  we
                                               could  cross  the  border  through    We were hoping to reach Johan-
                                               another fence.                        nesburg  to  find  a  job.  While  we
                                                                                     waited,  we  slept  there  on  the
                                               Circumstances grew even worse.        ground. I recalled that when I was
                                               When we crossed the border, we        in  Zimbabwe,  I  realized  that
                                               came to a nearby petrol station. A    something was missing from my                 Arnold Kandiwa
                                               South  African  man  saw  us.  He     life. I knew I had to call upon the   look for work, but I couldn't find
                                               offered to take us to Musina for a    Name of the Lord. I used to go to    any job.
                                               fare of R100. We told him that we     church. My parents used to tell us
                                               could  not  afford  it.  He  was  to go. But we eventually as young        One day, tired and hungry, I was
                                               actually asking us too much. Still,   men  just  wanted  to  play  and     walking down the street. A small
                                                                                     frequently skipped church. But I     paper, nestled in the branches of
                                                                                     remembered  my  parents  telling     a tree, caught my attention. It was
                                                                                     us that when we were in trouble,
                                                                                     we had to call upon the Name of      called the “Good News”.   I started
                                                                                     the Lord. So I told my friends, “We
                                                                                     need to pray”.
                                                                                                                          There  were  two  verses  that
                                                                                                                          impacted me. The first was Mark
                                                                                     I prayed to the Lord to help me get   10:43.  I  remember  it  so  well!  It
                                                                                     a  job  and  reach  my  brother  in   said,  “But  so  shall  it  not  be
                                                                                     Potchefstroom.  Later  on,  the
                                                                                     second  day,  we  started  walking   among you: but whosoever will
                                                                                                                          be  great  among  you,  shall  be
                                                                                     along the road. We tried to hike,    your servant”.  So if you want to
                                                                                     but no one wanted to give us a lift.   be great, you must be a servant.
                                                                                     Then I just decided to kneel down
                                                                                     and pray - right there in the road.   The next verse was John 6:35 -
                                                                                     And the Lord helped me!
                                                                                                                          “And Jesus said unto them, I am
                                                                                                                          the Bread of Life: he that cometh
                                                                                     It was late and we spent another     to Me shall never hunger; and he
                                                                                     night on the road. In the morning, I   that believeth on Me shall never
                                                                                     prayed again and we got a lift to    thirst.”   I  then  started  thinking,
                                                                                     Johannesburg.  I  later  reached     “What should I do? How should I
                                                                                     Potchefstroom. Once there, I went
                                                                                                                                   Continued on p. 5
                                                                                     to Chris Hani Street every day to             Continued on p. 5
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