Page 1 - Good News November 2006 paper
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tainty  about  the  price  of  oil,
          “I have set the Lord always before me; because  uncertainty about everything -
          He is at my right hand I shall not be moved”  from  the  Bird  Flu  to  Iran’s
          (Psalms 16:8).                                          nuclear capabilities.
          From the perspective of the natural world there  From  the  perspective  of  the
          is  a  lot  of  uncertainty.  Uncertainty  about  the  supernatural  we  have  never
          economy, uncertainty about terrorism, uncer-            been more certain that Jesus is
                                                                  coming back!
                                                                  I am often asked what I think
                                                                  Christians should do in these
                                                                  very  volatile  days  ahead.  My
                                                                  response  is,  “Consistency  is
                                                                  the key.”
                                                                  I  feel  the  way  for  us  to  be
                                                                  effective  in  these  uncertain
                                                                  times is to let the world see that
                                                                  we are not moved by what we
                                                                  see, hear or read, but that we
                                                                  are moved by the anointing of
                                                                  the  Holy  Spirit  through  the
                                                                  Power of God.
                                                                  Let the world worry about the
                                                                  Philippians 4:19, “My God shall
                                                                  supply  all  of  my  needs
                                                                  according  to  His  riches  in
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