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Debbie Schäffler (018) 468 5079Debbie Schäffler (018) 468 5079  the next out of sheer desperation.
          My  husband  Joseph  and  I  struggled  for  a  long    Eventually we considered in vitro
          period of time to conceive. We tried several fertility   fertilisation.  This  was  our  last
          remedies  ranging  from  fertility  drugs  to  alternative.  This  process  is  an
          homeopathic remedies. We ran from one doctor to         invasive and extremely costly and
                                                                  emotional procedure.
                                                                  Finally we made an appointment
                                                                  at the Vitalab in Johannesburg on
                                                                  26 July 2005. The day before our
                                                                  appointment,  I  attended  a  Bible
                                                                  Study  Group  meeting  held  by       Joseph Conner Schäffler
                                                                  Pastor Melinda Smith for the first
                                                                  time. (Every Wednesday morning       the success of the procedure. A few days later I went
                                                                  a group of women from different      for the blood test only to find out that I was nearly
                                                                  denominations  get  together  to     four weeks pregnant!
                                                                  worship  and  study  the  Word).     Throughout  my  entire  pregnancy,  I  quoted  a
                                                                  After  worshipping  the  Lord  and                     Continued on p. 5
                                                                                                                         Continued on p. 5
                                                                  powerful  teaching,  Melinda
                                                                  suggested that we pray that God
                                                                  will have His way with regard to
                                                                  the in vitro.
                                                                  The following morning we arrived
                                                                  at the Vitalab not knowing what to
                                                                  expect.  The  doctor  carefully
                                                                  explained  the  procedure  and
                                                                  recommended  that  I  first  go  for
                                                                  blood  tests  to  make  sure  that
                                                                  there  are  no  hormonal  imbalan-
                                                                  ces  that  could  negatively  affect
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