36-year-old Boris Pilipchuk, Senior Lieutenant in a police unit in Ukraine’s Khemlnitskij District lives with his wife and three children in Novaya Siniavka in the Starosiniavskij region. After doctors confirmed his death, he shocked everyone by returning from the dead! The following is an extract from his report:
“I grew up a strict atheist. In 1996, I became a Christian after hearing a sermon by Mariopol’s pastor Nikolai Ivashenko. As a Christian, I had difficulties in my profession, but after a while, my colleagues liked to have me tell about Jesus during breaks.
“I was physically very healthy. On 27 July 1998, after returning home from work, I was suddenly unable to move, and lost consciousness. I was taken to the hospital, where I lay in a coma for several days, after which I was transferred to the Khel–mitskij District Clinic. The doctors diagnosed a haemorrhage affecting 95% of my brain. All nine tests confirmed that I was clinically dead.
“My police colleagues were shocked, and started to collect money for my coffin and burial. My wife called pastor Nikolai, who organized many Christians to pray for me. The doctors fought for my life for another 2½ hours, but were finally forced to diagnose both clinical and biological death.
“I saw everything from above, and was suddenly in a heavenly place. I saw a fantastic light, and a huge city, like a cube. Jesus met me: ‘You have a wife and three children. Return to them - it is not yet time for you to be here,’ He said.
I instantly returned to my body, which was being taken to the mortuary. My wife stood next to the stretcher, crying. As I sat up, the staff fell to the floor, shocked! They fled in all directions, screaming ‘Who are you? What do you want? Leave us in peace!’ I told them not to be afraid, asked for clothes, and was then allowed to return home.
“Over the next two weeks, I was examined by 15 different medical committees, including neurologists and psychiatrists. They told me that if they had not performed the diagnosis themselves on the evidence of the x-rays, cardiographs, etc., they would be unable to believe what had happened.
They advised me to keep the events secret, because people would otherwise consider me crazy. They refused to record my resurrection officially, but have all decided to follow Jesus in the meantime.”


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