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My name is Sid Roth. I am a Jew.    bar mitzvah.                         upbringing  had  carefully  hidden  from  me.  I  was
                              Both my parents were Jewish. I      Like most American Jews, I found     stunned!
                              have  Israeli  and  American  organized  religion  irrelevant  to        So I began to read the Jewish Scriptures for myself
                              citizenship.  I  attended  a  tradi-  my  life.  I  was  proud  of  being   and I got the shock of my life. What he had said
                              tional  synagogue  where  I  was    Jewish, but bored with religion.     might  well  be  true.  No  sooner  had  that  thought
                                                                  To be honest, my god was money.      formed in my mind than the New Age spirit guide
                                                                  My goal was to be a millionaire by   that I had surrendered to, began to curse me from
                                                                  the  age  of  30.  By  29,  I  had   inside that same mind!
                                                                  graduated  from  College,  was  Previously, I thought I controlled this New Age spirit
                                                                  married,  was  the  father  of  one   guide, but I now knew that was not true. I had a
                                                                  daughter,  and  was  an  Account     power, a strong power, and it was evil.
                                                                  Executive  for  Merrill  Lynch.  I went to sleep that night so full of fear, I wanted to
                                                                  Although  I  had  a  wonderful  life   die! In desperation I prayed, “Jesus, help!” I still did
                                                                  and career, I felt that I was a failure   not know if Jesus was real, but I had nowhere else
                                                                  because I was not a millionaire.     to turn.
                                                                  I did something I am not proud of. I                   Continued on p. 8
                                                                  left my wife, daughter and Merrill
                                                                  Lynch  and  went  searching  for
                                                                  happiness. My search led me to
                                                                  Eastern meditation, the New Age.
                                                                  During this search, I almost lost
                                                                  my mind. Life was too difficult.
                                                                  A  Christian  businessman  chal-
                                                                  lenged  me  and  told  me  that  my
                                                                  Jewish  Bible  condemned  my
                                                                  occult practices, and also told me
                                                                  that  JESUS  was  the  Jewish
                                                                  Messiah that my Orthodox Jewish
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