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n Philadelphia in the late 1920's, a young teenage   see for himself if God exists. Within   met  at  a  church
             boy decided that he didn't need God. He had tried    six months, he was convinced that    theology  debate,
          Ichurch, and it didn't give him the answers he was      God is real and that the Bible is His   were both eager for
          looking for.                                            revealed Word to mankind.            opportunities  to
          After a time of living as a self-proclaimed agnostic, he   In 1930, eighteen-year-old Francis   speak out in defense
          decided to read the Bible, beginning with Genesis, and   August Schaeffer prayed to receive   of  conservative
                                                                  Christ  as  his  Saviour.  From  that   doctrine. As a pastor
                                                                  day,  for  more  than  fifty  years,   of several churches
                                                                  Schaeffer  was  passionately  com-   throughout  Penn-
                                                                  mitted  to  the  proclamation  and   s y l v a n i a   a n d
                                                                  rational defense of the Gospel.      Missouri,  Schaeffer
                                                                  One  of  the  foremost  Christian    was  grieved  at  the
                                                                  thinkers  and  apologists  of  this   compromise he saw
                                                                  century,  he  wrote  twenty-four     in  many  mainline
                                                                  books, which have been translated    Protestant  denomi-        Francis Schaeffer
                                                                  into  more  than  twenty  languages.   nations.
                                                                  Schaeffer's  basic  message  is  the                   Continued on p. 8
                                                                  same -  God's Word is the only guide
                                                                  man needs to interpret his past and
                                                                  solve contemporary problems.
                                                                  When  Schaeffer  graduated  from
                                                                  Faith Theological Seminary in 1938,
                                                                  the  United  States  faced  many
                                                                  perplexing new social and religious
                                                                  problems.  The  Evangelical
                                                                  Movement  was  threatened  by
                                                                  encroaching  liberal  ideologies,
                                                                  which argued that the Bible is not a
                                                                  reliable source of truth.
                                                                  He and his wife Edith, whom he had
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