Page 1 - Good News August 2006 paper
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y  God's  grace,  Gospel  for  Asia  (GFA)  lives  like  Ajuli's.  Driven  to  live  in  the  city
                  Radio airs broadcasts daily across the  despair  and  on  the  brink  of  anymore, we had
          BIndian  subcontinent.  One  million  committing  suicide, Ajuli  was  to  come  and
          listener  responses  each  year  testify  to  lives  stopped just in time by hearing  settle  down  in
          being  touched  through  these  programmes  -  a GFA broadcast that pointed  our ancestral vil-
                                                                  her to the hope she needed.          lage.  While  we
                                                                  Following  is  her  incredible  were adjusting to
                                                                  story as she wrote it to the GFA  all  the  changes
                                                                  radio  broadcaster  in  her  and trying to get
                                                                  region: Dear Radio Uncle, My  on with our lives,
                                                                  name is Ajuli and I am studying  my father passed
                                                                  in  the  12th  grade.  My  family  away.
                                                                  consists  of  my  mother,  older  After  this  sad
                                                                  sister  and  a  younger  brother.  incident our lives
                                                                                                                       Continued on p. 12
                                                                  We have been listening to your                       Continued on p. 12
                                                                  radio  programme  for  the  last
                                                                  eight  years.  Your  programme
                                                                  has helped me become a good
                                                                  believer in Christ.
                                                                  Five years ago, we were living
                                                                  in the city and had all the good
                                                                  facilities  a  rich  family  could
                                                                  afford.  But  then  we  faced  a
                                                                  terrible financial crisis, due to
                                                                  which we lost all our property.
                                                                  Since  we  could  not  afford  to
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