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Excerpts  from  a  message  given  by  Dr  Samuel       “Suddenly the first angel on my           
          Doctorian on 16 August 1998 on the Isle of Patmos       right side said, ‘We are five angels                srilanka_kalutara_flood_dec26_2004_dg.jpg
          (Full article  in  GOOD NEWS, March 1999).              from five continents. We are here
          “On 20 June 1998, at 03:50 in Patmos, suddenly my       to give you messages for the five
          room was full of light, and there are no lights around   continents of the world...’”
          here. It is a house all by itself at the end of the road   “The  first  angel  said,  ‘I  have  a
          near a monastery. Lo and behold, when I was wide        message for all of Asia.’ When he
          awake, I saw five beautiful angels...”                  said that, in a split few seconds, I
                                                                  could see all of China, India, Asian
                                                                  countries like Vietnam, Laos - I’ve
                                                                  never  been  to  these  countries.  I
                                                                  saw  the  Philippines,  Japan,
                                                                  Singapore,  Malaysia  and  Indo-
                                                                  nesia. And then the angel showed
                                                                  me all of Papua New-Guinea, Irian
                                                                  Jaya  and  down  to Australia  and
                                                                  New  Zealand.  ‘I  am  the  angel  of
                                                                  Asia,’ he said. In his hand, I saw a      Kalutara, Sri Lanka, 26 December 2004
                                                                  tremendous trumpet that he was
                                                                  going  to  blow  all  over  Asia.
                                                                  ‘Millions  are  going  to  hear  the
                                                                  mighty  Voice  of  the  Lord.  There
                                                                  shall  be  disaster,  starvation  -
                                                                  many  will  die  of  hunger.
                                                                  Earthquakes  will  take  place  all
                                                                  over Asia and the sea will cover
                                                                  the Earth...’
                                                                  “I  saw  this  on  20  June  (1998).
                                                                  Today is 16 August (1998). A few
                                                                  weeks  ago  I  heard  the  news  of
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