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Dr. Charles F Stanley. Charles F Stanley  from the core of who you are.
                                                                        he  world  constantly  pres-   The process of Bible memorization is never effort-
                                                                        sures us to adopt a way of     less.  Like  most  worthwhile  things,  internalizing
                                                                  Tthinking that is contrary to        God's  Word  costs  us  something.  Here  are  a  few
                                                                  God's  Word.  Unless  you  and  I    pointers to make it easier for you:
                                                                  make some effort to combat this
                                                                  onslaught of propaganda, we will       1. Learn to exchange Satan's lies for God's Truth1.
                                                                  fall  victim  to  its  debilitating   Choose verses that focus on the areas in which you
                                                                  poison.                              are most tempted. For instance, everyone should
                                                                  Satan wants us to accept his lies    have several verses memorized that have to do with
                                                                                                                         Continued on p. 8
                                                                  uncritically  and,  as  a  result,  fall               Continued on p. 8
                                                                  victim  to  temptation.  One  of  the
                                                                  best ways to counter the Devil's
                                                                  attack  is  to  fill  your  mind  with
                                                                  Scripture. You need an arsenal of
                                                                  memorized verses, deeply rooted
                                                                  in your heart, to effectively com-
                                                                  bat his agenda (Ps. 119:11).
                                                                  If you have to dig up verses out of
                                                                  the  caverns  of  your  mind  in  a
                                                                  moment  of  temptation,  they  will
                                                                  do you no good. They need to be
                                                                  fresh in your thinking, and flowing
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