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olgate  is  a  household  behind  that  name,  we  might
                 name;  and  upon  hearing     immediately  think  about  Christ
          Cthat  name,  most  people           and the path Colgate and Christ
          immediately think of toothpaste.     walked together.
          But  if  we  knew  about  the  man
                                               William  Colgate  drew  his  first
                                               breath on 25 January 1783 in the
                                               parish  of  Hollingbourn,  in  the
                                               County  of  Kent,  England.
                                               William's  father,  Robert,  was  a
                                               farmer  by  trade  and  was  known
                                               for  a  sharp  intellect  and  strong
                                               political  convictions.  The  elder
                                               Colgate's outspoken support for
                                               the  Colonies'  struggle  for
                                               independence,  both  before  and
                                               during  the  Revolutionary  War,                                  W
                                                                                                                 William Colgateilliam Colgate
                                               would  eventually  bring  political
                                               persecution from British authori-     had  remained  in  England,  the     become  successful.  So  William
                                               ties.  God  intervened  and  the      messenger  warned,  he  would        struck out on his own, but within
                                               family was startled awake in the      certainly  face  prison  or  even    one year the business failed from
                                               middle of the night by someone        death. But what worldly authori-     lack  of  capital,  and  William
                                               pounding on their front door. The     ties  meant  for  evil,  God  would   Colgate had to close his doors.
                                               Colgates  had  a  friend  in  Prime   eventually transform into good.
                                               Minister William Pitt and he had                                           Despite the two setbacks, William
                                               sent  his  personal  messenger  to    The  family  boarded  a  ship  in    Colgate  would  not  give  up  -  a
                                               warn  Robert  Colgate  to  take  his   March  1798  and  sailed  for       good lesson for anyone who has
                                               family and flee England. If Colgate   America. They settled on a farm in   a God-given dream! God will still
                                                                                     Harford  County,  Maryland.  Wil-    direct your paths, if you acknow-
                                                                                     liam's  father  soon  formed  a      ledge  Him  and  commit  your
                                                                                     partnership with Ralph Maher to      business to Him in all your ways.
                                                                                     manufacture  soap  and  candles.     A Christian friend who worked as
                                                                                     Young  William  helped  the  two     a  canal-boat  captain  advised
                                                                                     men  and  caught  on  quickly.       Colgate,  “Give  your  heart  to
                                                                                     Despite  their  hard  work,  the     Christ. Give God all that belongs
                                                                                     partnership  failed  and  Robert     to Him. Make a good quality soap.
                                                                                     Colgate returned to farming. But     Give a full pound… Someone will
                                                                                     William  liked  the  business  and   be the leading soap maker in New
                                                                                     was  convinced  that  he  could               Continued on p. 7
                                                                                                                                   Continued on p. 7
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