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any  years  ago,  on  a  members, decided to invite all the        reading. To tell the truth, it's one
                  Christmas  Day,  a  very     employees  of  his  mansion  to       of the things I like to do, but I work
          Mrich  man  who  had  no             dinner.  He  called  the  staff  and   so hard that I never find time to flip
          wife, no children, no other family   asked them to sit at the table. In    through a magazine, let alone the
                                               front of every person, there was a    Bible. I will take the money.”
                                               BIBLE and a small sum of MONEY.
                                                                                     In the end, it was the turn of the
                                               After  everyone  had  their  dinner,   boy who takes care of the animals
                                               the rich man asked: “What would       of  the  mansion. And  as  the  rich
                                               you prefer to receive as a gift: the   gentleman of the villa knew that
                                               BIBLE or the MONEY? Do not be         the boy's family was very poor, he
                                               shy,  you  can  choose  what  you     stepped  forward  and  said:
                                               want.”                                “Surely you too want the money,      gold and that it is more tasty than
                                                                                     do you not? So that you can buy      a honeycomb.”
                                               The security guard was the first to   food  to  have  a  good  dinner  at
                                               react: “Sir, I would love to receive   home and buy new shoes?”            After receiving the Bible, the boy
                                               the  Bible,  but  since  I  have  not                                      immediately opened it. He found
                                               learned to read, the money will be    But the boy surprised everybody      two envelopes inside. In the first,
                                               more useful to me.”                   with his answer: “It would not hurt   there was a cheque that was 10
                                                                                     to  buy  a  turkey  and  other  tasty   times  more  than  the  money  on
                                               The gardener was the second to        food to share with my parents and    the  table.  In  the  second,  there
                                               speak: “Sir, my wife is very ill and   siblings. I also need a pair of new   was  a  will  that  made  him  (or
                                               that's  why  I  need  more  money.    shoes because mine are very old.     whoever  would  choose  the
                                               Otherwise  I  would  choose  the      Even  so,  I  will  choose  the  Bible   Bible), the heir to all the wealth of
                                               Bible for sure!”                      because  I  have  always  wanted     the rich man!
                                                                                     one. My mother taught me that the    Faced  with  the  boy's  emotion
                                               The third was the cook: “Sir, I like   Word of God is worth more than               Continued on p. 2
                                                                                                                                   Continued on p. 2
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