Page 1 - Good News October 2006 paper
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ayak  4  Aids  was  founded  by  Werner
                                                                         Stoltz, a man who has taken the pledge
                                                                  Kto do something about HIV/AIDS. With
                                                                  the help of God and his sponsors, Werner will
                                                                  be the first person to attempt one of the most
                                                                  adventurous  and  dangerous  expeditions  to
                                                                  raise awareness and money for HIV/AIDS: a
                                                                  solo kayak trip from London to Durban - a total
                                                                  distance of 16 000 km! Not only is he the first
                                                                  person to attempt such a daring
                                                                  feat,  but  this  will  also  be  the
                                                                  longest kayak journey in history.
                                                                  We  invite  you  to  be  part  of  this
                                                                  groundbreaking journey!
                                                                  Werner  has  recently  returned
                                                                  from successfully circumnaviga-
                                                                  ting the Irish coastline in 55 days
                                                                  with  a  sea  kayak.  He  completed
                                                                  the  1  740  km  circumnavigation
                                                                  completely  solo,  raising  money
                                                                        Continued on p. 12
                                                                        Continued on p. 12
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