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s James brings his epistle    in  a  church  setting  who  are      powerful,  we  should  meet  the     accordance with God's will, just
                 to a conclusion, he turns     suffering (James 5:13), sick (v. 14-  following five conditions:           like  Elijah  prayed  based  on
          Ahis attention to believers          18) and backslidden (v. 19-20).       1.  We  should  become  righteous    God's directive.
                                                                                     before  God.   This  happens  when
                                               To effectively deal with sickness     we  repent,  confess,  turn  away    Confession and prayer will result
                                               among  believers,  James  pro-        from  our  sins,  and  live  right-  in  healing  and  deliverance!
                                               poses two things: the confession      eously.                              Effective prayer is characterised
                                               of faults to one another and pray-                                         by  the  earnestness,  fervency,
                                               ing for one another.                  2. We should pray fervently.   For   and  energy  exhibited  by  a
                                                                                     our  prayers  to  be  heard  and     righteous man / woman in Christ.
                                               Confession  of  faults  to  one  answered,  we  should  pray  with         Prayer is powerful when we have
                                               another is necessary if there is to   passion,  sincerity,  diligence  and   faith, ask earnestly and boldly as
                                               be  healing,  since  many  sick-      discipline.                          we  persevere  and  surrender  to
                                               nesses originate as a result of sin.                                       God's perfect will.
                                               If one sins against an individual,    3. We should pray effectively and
                                               confession  should  be  made  to      with faith.  For our prayers to be   God longs to meet with us and
                                               that  individual.  When  there  is    effective,  we  should  expect       show  His  power  in  our  lives.
                                               trouble between individuals, they     results as we pray.                  Prayer is really a child's helpless
                                               should  get  together  and  ask  for                                       cry to the father's attentive ears.
                                               pardon, and do all in their power     4.  We  should  pray  specifically.    When  we  are  helpless  and  cry
                                               to make things right (restitution).   Our  prayers  should  be  specific   out  to  our  heavenly  Father,  He
                                                                                     and  to  the  point.  This  was  how   will hear and answer us speedily!
                                               We should not only confess our        Elijah  prayed  -  specifically,  first
                                               sins to one another, but we should    for a drought, then for rain.        - Practical Instructions For Your
                                               pray for one another as well. As                                           Daily  Life  Journey,  Dr.  Shibu
                                               per  James,  in  order  for  our  5. We should pray based on God's         Cherian,  United  in  the  Word
                                               prayers  to  be  effective  and  Word.       We are required to pray in    Ministries,
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