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esus  Christ  used  the  the days of Noah were, so also will         can  be  so  concerned  about  the   humanity from believing God and
                example of Noah to reveal      the coming of the Son of Man be.      cares of this life that they neglect   the Biblical warning signs until all
          Jattitudes  that  would  pre-        For  as  in  the  days  before  the   to  seek  their  Creator  (Matthew   havoc  breaks  loose.  Like  the
          dominate near the end: "But as       flood,  they  were  eating  and  6:33; Luke 21:34-35).      It happened    people  in  Noah's  time  who
                                               drinking, marrying and giving in      before, and it is happening again!   laughed and mocked his building
                                               marriage, until the day that Noah     The  apostle  Paul  commented  to    an  ark,  the  end  of  this  age  will
                                               entered the ark, and did not know     Timothy  about  other  carnal  atti-  come  when  the  overwhelming
                                               until  the  flood  came  and  took    tudes  and  activities  that  would   majority are unprepared!
                                               them  all  away,  so  also  will  the   characterize  the  last  days:  "But
                                               coming  of  the  Son  of  Man  be"    know  this,  that  in  the  last  days   soberingparallel.htm
                                               (Matthew 24:37-39).                   perilous times will come. For men
                                               This  is  history  and  prophecy      will  be  lovers  of  themselves,
                                               working together. Their meaning       lovers of money, boasters, proud,
                                               is clear: The attitude of people in   blasphemers,  disobedient  to
                                               Noah's  day  would  prevail  again    parents,  unthankful,  unholy,
                                               just  before  Christ's  Second  unloving,  unforgiving,  slande-
                                               Coming.  To  both  groups  God        rers,  without self-control, brutal,
                                               would  seem  far  away,  virtually    despisers  of  good,  traitors,
                                               unconcerned  about  human  headstrong,  haughty,  lovers  of
                                               activities on Earth, and life would   pleasures  more  than  lovers  of
                                               appear to go on as it always had     God, having a form of godliness,
                                               (2  Peter  3:3-6).  These  people     but denying its power" (2 Timothy
                                               would be unconcerned as to their      3:1-5).
                                               true spiritual condition and blind    This  perfectly  describes  the
                                               to God's impending judgment.          dominant attitude and outlook of
                                               The  key  to  the  example  Christ    our  age.  Such  attitudes  will
                                               gave is to understand that people     prevent  the  vast  majority  of
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