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29 January 2004 ended 9 years and 7 months of my        showed spots reduced; some gone. It was at this
          battle with cancer! I had a bone scan in 2001 for the   stage that the doctor told my wife and I, "You have
          umpteenth time which showed six places of cancer        but six months left to live. The cancer has mastisized
          of the bone, throughout my rib cage and left hip        and we feel you are on your way out."
          socket.  In  2003  I  had  another  bone  scan  which   I  became  very  ill.  On  10  October  2003  my  pastor
                                                                  prayed  for  me  in  church.  That  day  I  had  a  very
                                                                  powerful shot of lupitor which made me feel very
                                                                  sick, but I went to church anyway. I went back to the
                                                                  doctor on 14 January 2004 for another bone scan.
                                                                  On 16 January 2004 I was informed that there was
                                                                  only  one  tiny  spot  on  my  breast  bone  which  he
                                                                  thought might have been cancer. The doctor was not
                                                                  satisfied and ordered a cat scan for all organs of my
                                                                  body. He called back on 29 January 2004 with the
                                                                  results of 112 pictures which he had ordered taken.          Rev. Albert L. Dillon
                                                                  NO CANCER IN MY BODY ANYWHERE!!! I turned 72
                                                                  in  July  2004  and  I  am  still
                                                                  travelling and preaching through-
                                                                  out the USA! I asked God for ten
                                                                  more years to preach and testify.
                                                                  It is His Grace and Power which
                                                                  keeps me in good health. We must
                                                                  arise  with  an  end-time  ministry
                                                                  which  preaches,  operates,  and
                                                                  shows  powerful  manifestations!
                                                                  (Rev. Dillon)
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