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Pastor Bill Marks, Christian Fellowship, Potchefstroom, Tel: (018) 293 1608 or 082 260 5965
                 GOD HAS A BODY                also testified that they had seen  robes,  and  palms  in  their  Through  the  New  Birth  you
          Jesus showed John in Revela-         Him with their natural eyes.          hands.”                              receive God's Spirit by accept-
          tion 4:1,2 that God has a Body  Abraham made a dinner for God                                                   ing Christ as your Saviour.
          and sits on a Throne.                and  two  angels,  and  they                 GOD HAS A SOUL                John  3:3  -  "Jesus  answered
          Rev. 4:1-2 - "After this I looked,  actually ate food. (Gen. 18:1-8).      Heb. 10:38 - "…My soul has no  and said unto him, Verily, verily,
          and, behold, a door was opened  The  Bible  predicts  that  all  the  pleasure in  him…”                        I say unto thee, Except a man be
          in  heaven:  and  the  first  voice  redeemed  will  see  God's  face                                           born again, he cannot see the
          which I heard was as it were of a  with  their  eyes  (Greek:  ‘proso-            GOD HAS A SPIRIT              kingdom of God."
          trumpet talking with me; which  pon’ meaning countenance and  The Bible teaches that unsaved
          said, Come up hither, and I will  outward appearance).                     men do not have God's Spirit in             GOD'S FULLNESS
          shew  thee  things  which  must  Rev.  7:9  -  "After  this  I  beheld,  them.                                  When  God's  Spirit  is  in  you,
          be hereafter.  And immediately I  and, lo, a great multitude, which  Rom. 8:9 - "But ye are not in the  then you become a conqueror.
          was in the spirit: and, behold, a  no  man  could  number,  of  all  flesh, but in the Spirit, if so be  1  John  4:4  -  "…greater  is  He
          throne was set in heaven, and  nations,  and  kindreds,  and  that  the  Spirit  of  God  dwell  in  that is in you, than he that is in
          one sat on the throne."              people,  and  tongues,  stood  you. Now if any man have not the  the world.”
          Bible  writers  not  only  stated  before  the  throne,  and  before  Spirit  of  Christ,  he  is  none  of
          that God has a Body, but they  the  Lamb,  clothed  with  white  his."                                           Sponsored by: TG TRADERS

                                                                                                                                   lkeen van ons se lewe

          Ba re ba dumela dithapelo              ba se rutiwang koo.                                                               lê oop vir die Here. Hy
            … mme ba tle ba rapela fela        Ba re Modimo a ka ba thusa …                                                 Eken ons doen en late.
            gangwe le gape.                      mme ba tshepa ditekete tsa                                                 Verkeerde  dade  vang  ‘n
          Ba re Beibele ke Lefoko la             Lotto go feta.                                                             mens in aaklige strikke vas.
           Modimo … mme bogolo ba              Ba itse boikarabelo jwa bone …                                               Sonde is soos ‘n tou wat jou
           rata go bala kuranta.                 mme ga ba bo arabele.                                                      só vasbind dat jy nooit weer
          Ba rata go re ba maloko a            Pele ba ja ba rapela gore                                                    los kan kom nie. Uiteindelik
           dikereke … mme ga ba ye               Modimo a fe le ba ba tlhokang                                              sterf  jy  omdat  jy  sonder
           teng gantsi kapa gope.                … mme bone ga ba fe ba ba                                                  dissipline  geleef  het.  Jou
          Ba re Modimo ke Modimo o o             tlhokang sepe.                                                             dwase  optrede  sal  jou  jou
           Boitshepo … mme ba dirisa           Ba lwela go dirisana sentle ka                                               lewe kos.
           Leina la Gagwe kwa ntle ga            sepoletiki  … mme ga ba                                                    (Spr. 5:21-23 Die Boodskap)
           tshwanelo le go rogana.               kgathale go dirisana sentle go
          Ba direla Satane maphelo a             ya ka Beibele.
           bone otlhe … mme ba akanya          Ga ba nke ba ya kwa kerekeng                   Johan Zerwick
           gore ba ka ya kwa legodimong          … mme ba batla go fitlhiwa go                 083 458 3837
           fa ba baya tlhogo fatshe.             tswa mo kerekeng le go
          Ba tshaba go lwela bodumedi le         nyalela le go kolobetswa le go       … mme fa go diragetse ga ba
           Modimo wa bone … mme ba               mo teng ga yone.                     tlhole ba ya teng.
           batla Jesu a ba emele kwa go        Ga ba gogele, ga ba nwele, ga         Re ka tswelela fela jalo … Wena
           Rara.                                 ba rogane mo kerekeng               o tsena mo kae?
          Ba bala Beibele … mme ga ba            … mme fa ba tswela kwa ntle
           dumele se ba se balang.               ba dira jalo.                       Motho wa ntlha go leetsa
          Ba ya kerekeng … mme ga ba           Botlhe ba batla go amogelwa le        mogala mme a kopa Beibele a
           dire sepe se ba utlwang le se         go tlhomamisiwa mo kerekeng         ka e amogela. 083 458 3837
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