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“For  My  people  have  com-         hard.  I  know  what  it  is  like  to  little  project  going  on,  but  you   come to know His plan, He then
          mitted  two  evils:  they  have  work hard with no results. I have  are doing it your way. You may              wants us to trust Him to bring it
          forsaken  Me,  the  Fountain  of  spent  many  years  of  my  life  be following your own little plan,          to pass.
          living  waters,  and  they  have  digging  “empty  wells”  like  trying to make things happen in
          hewn for themselves cisterns,  these,  and  that  frustrated  and  your own strength and ability. If            Our activity - birthed out of the
          broken  cisterns  which  cannot  discouraged  me.  It  took  me  a  so, it is not going to work if you          flesh  -  actually  prevents  God
          hold water” (Jeremiah 2:13).         long time to realize that unless  have left God out of your plan.          from showing Himself strong in
                                               “the Lord builds the house, they                                           our lives. That is not the way to
          The  people  in  Jeremiah  2:13  labour  in  vain  who  build  it”        There  is  nothing  more  frus-       live the higher life that God has
          worked  hard  to  dig  wells  for  (Psalm 127:1).                          trating than trying to do some-      prepared  for  us.   Ask  God  to
          themselves,  but  their  wells                                             thing  about  something  you         help you and lead you as you
          could not hold water. I am sure  You  may  be  digging  an  empty  cannot do anything about. It is              work, so that your efforts will be
          they  were  very  disappointed  well  right  now.  You  may  be  similar to having your car stuck               productive!
          when they did not get the result  working on something or some-            in  the  mud  and  continuing  to    - The Everyday Life  Bible, Joyce
          they  wanted  after  working  so  body. You  may  have  your  own  press the accelerator down and               Meyer, Faith Words, 2006.
                                                                                     spin your wheels until you burn
                                                                                     up the engine. We often burn out
                                                                                     from weariness due to “works of
                                                                                     the flesh,” which are works that
                                                                                     do not work!

                                                                                     Many times we make a plan and
                                                                                     then  pray  for  it  to  work.  God
                                                                                     wants  us  to  pray  first  and  ask
                                                                                     Him for His plan.  After we have
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